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    ISO 17025 Accredited
    NIST Traceable Calibration Service

    Thermco Calibration Lab

    How Often Should A Thermometer Be Calibrated ?

    Many factors determine recalibration of thermometers, such as usage, temperatures measured, in-house procedures, and regulatory agencies' guidelines and policies. As a general guideline for good laboratory and manufacturing practices, thermometers should be recalibrated or recertified on an annual basis by accredited ISO 17025 metrology lab traceable to NIST.

    The Recertification Program Consists of...

    • Complete visual inspection for any physical damage.
    • If possible the damage will be repaired.
    • Thermometer readings are compared against NIST standards in high precision calibration baths using the comparison method at determined test temperatures.
    • Each temperature is recorded to 1/10th of a scale division.
    • A calibration report is generated detailing the pertinent information including the correction factors for each test point.
    • All calibration information is entered into the THERMCO data storage system.
    • All certification procedures are performed in accordance with NIST and ASTM guidelines, which meet with requirements set by regulatory agencies.

    How to Order Thermometer Recertification...

    Complete all the information on the RECERTIFICATION FORM and carefully pack thermometer along with the current calibration certificate and payment method.
    We accept purchase order - company check - Visa & MasterCard,

    to: Thermco Products Inc. 10 Millpond Drive, Unit #10, Lafayette, NJ 07848