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Wireless Temp Probes Email / SMS Alerting VFC Data Logger

Wireless Temp Probes Email / SMS Alerting VFC Data Logger

Exceeds CDC & VFC Data Logger Requirements for Vaccine Temperature Monitoring and Compliance

Thermco is proud to announce our new AccuTherm™ SmartLOG® 2021 data logger with truly Wireless Temperature Sensors. No more routing wires through fridge or freezer doors, an industry-first! These wireless sensors have a self-contained Glycol buffer bottle(CDC recommended) on top of the transmitter. These sensors are serialized and traceable to NIST from Thermco’s own ISO17025 calibration laboratory. No need to send equipment back for recertification; when the wireless sensor certificate expires simply order a new sensor. This completely eliminates the downtime associated with conventional recalibration and is less expensive then sending equipment out to a rectification lab.  Enter new sensor serial number in the data logger configuration menu and you’re all set. The SmartLOG® digital data logger (DDL) was engineered from the ground up specifically to meet today’s CDC’s and VFC’s requirements for monitoring critical temperatures of valuable vaccines and pharmaceuticals. The SmartLOG® has a large easy to read Color Touch Screen to show the current min/max temperatures of up to 2 remote wireless sensors, their signal and battery strength, plus the ambient room temperature and humidity. Connect the SmartLOG® to your WiFi network and remotely view the SmartLOG® Dashboard with any web browser on a PC or Smart Phone that is connected to the same network. This eliminates the need for a remote cloud service and associated subscription fees. AccuThermTM SmartLOG® 2021 is a self-contained data logger that requires no PC Software to generate complete PDF reports. ALERTS are sent via SMS and Email of… temperature excursions, power loss or low battery, loss of sensor siginal, and messages when conditions return to normal. Option to send 2 Daily STATUS Reports (am & pm) via SMS & Email showing current temperature, min/max temperatures & times, plus power status of each sensor and DDL unit.

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