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Thermco’s Precision Hydrometers are manufactured to exacting standards for accuracy, uniformity, and dependability. Thermco’s offering of hydrometer include Glass & Plastic Hydrometers in the following scales… Specific Gravity Baume and Density Hydrometers, ATSM & API Hydrometers, Alcohol Hydrometers, Brine Brix Hydrometers and Combined Form Thermo-Hydrometers. Thermco’s Hydrometers are commonly found in the Petroleum industry, Wine,Brewing & Distilleries industries and Chemistry / Pharmacology industries. Each hydrometer is individually serialized and provided with a Hydrometer Certificate of Compliance and Traceability (attached). Hydrometers are suitable for calibration resulting in a DAkks or ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate upon request and additional purchase.

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Correction Table for Specific Gravity Hydrometers

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