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    CDC - COVID-19 Vaccination Program Interim Playbook
    CDC - Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit (Updated for COVID-19)

    COVID-19 Vaccine Product Temperatures will vary from...
    Refrigerated (2°C To 8°C)
    Frozen (-15°C To -25°C)
    Ultra-cold (-60°C To -80°C)

    Manufacturer Storage Temp °C Storage Temp °F
    AstraZeneca 4°C 40°F
    Moderna -20°C -4°F
    Johnson & Johnson -20°C -4°F
    Pfizer/BioNTech -70°C -94°F

    CLICK on image for more model information.

    S T O R A G E    or    T R A N S P O R T

    LTUTREL30WiFi.jpg LTUTREL3016.png LTTREL3016.png LTUTREL16-side-probe.jpg BERFT2ULF.png
    Temp Range -90°C to 40°C
    -130°F to 104°F
    -90°C to 40°C
    -130°F to 104°F
    -90°C to 40°C
    -130°F to 104°F
    -90°C to 40°C
    -130°F to 104°F
    –90°C to 30°C
    –130°F to 86°F
    Visual Alarm Red LED Red LED LCD LCD LCD
    Audible Alarm Y Y Y N Y
    Records 16,129 16,129 15,905 16,129 16,129
    Logging Interval 30 sec to
    18 hours
    30 sec to
    18 hours
    30 sec - hours 30 sec to
    18 hours
    5 min
    USB Connection Cable Cable Dock (included) Plug Cable
    PDF Reports Y Y Software Software Y
    Replaceable Battery Y Y Y N N
    Battery Indicator Y Y Y Y Y
    Internal Sensor N N N N N
    Detachable Sensor Y Y Y Y Y
    Reusable Y Y Y Y N
    PC Software Y Y Y Y N
    NIST Trace-Cert Y Y Y Y Y
    NOTE: Buffer Bottle for refrigerator and freezer use only.

    deep freeze delivery chain