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    WiFi Wireless
    Data Logger

    “Meets or exceeds CDC guidelines”.

    The UTREL30-WiFi 30 day logger with display.
    A CDC / VFC compliant ISO/IEC 17025 NIST traceable temperature data logger for monitoring & recording temperatures of vaccines in refrigerators or freezers.
    New large Easy-to-Read display to see the current, min and max temperatures and alarm status for up to 30 days at a glance.
    The UTREL30-WiFi measures and stores up to 16,129 readings without needing off loading of data, thats 5 months of recordings @ 15 minuite intervals. Logger automatically uploads data to the Online cloud "LTO" giving you real time temperatures and alarm notifications.
    Check and reset min-max temperature readings at any time.
    Audible and Flashing LED signals temperature excursions. Download data via LogTag Analyzer Software or a PDF (no software required) when Wi-Fi is unavailable.
    UTREL30-WiFi has a wide temperature range of -90°C to +40°C (-130°F to +104°F).

    Bio Safe USB

    LTUTREL30WiFi Product Brochure