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    Plastic Hydrometers

    Thermco’s Plastic Hydrometers are fabricated from polycarbonate (PC) which makes the instrument shatter-proof, while offering glass-like clarity for ease of reading. All models are plain form, so a separate thermometer should be used to measure the temperature of the sample and correct for any temperature variations.
    The plastic hydrometers are made for...
    Specific Gravity, Salt-Brine , Baume, Sugar Brix scales.
    Length 300 mm.

    • Fabricated from Polycarbonate
    • Shatter Proof
    • Glass-Like Clarity
    • Calibrated against NIST Standards
    • May be Certified - Traceable to NIST
    • Temperature Standard 60º F
    • Approximately 300mm Long

     Specific Gravity - Temp Std. 15°C/15°C (60°F/60°F)
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     Salt Brine - Temp Std. 20°C/20°C (68°F/68°F)
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     Baume - Temp Std. 15°C/15°C (60°F/60°F)
    no data
     Sugar, Brix - Temp Std. 20°C/20°C (68°F/68°F)
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