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    LogTag TREL30-16
    Ultra-Low Freezer
    Temp Data Logger

    The LogTag® TREL30-16 cryogenic temperature data logger is excellent for monitoring & recording freezers, blood plasma, vaccines, pharmaceutica and more over a range of -80°C to +40°C (-112°F to +104°F) via external probe.
    The TREL30-16 can store up to 15,900 temperature records – enough memory for 66 days at 6 minute logging.
    The display is designed to show "At A Glance" if temperature excursions have occurred during the current day and up to the previous 29 days. The display also shows the current temperature reading, the current time, recording status and battery status.
    The alarm is trigged if temperature readings are outside pre-set alarm limits. The status indicator changes from a ✔ to a X and, if configured, the audible alarm will sound. The day marker will also appear if not already present.
    The alarm status indicator and audible alarm can be easily cleared, but the day marker remains to ensure a visible record of excursions is shown on the display. A simplified alarm clearance, stop & start procedure is available as an option.
    Details of any excursions in the preceding 30 days can be checked directly by inspecting the statistics history on the recorder’s display or in more detail by downloading the logged data via a standard LogTag® Interface cradle to LogTag® Analyzer operating software.


    TREL30-16 Product User Guide