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    Pocket Test Thermometers - Clear Plastic Case

    Pocket Test Thermometer Plastic Case
    Thermco’s Pocket thermometers have a clear plastic case that can be read through or the case can be removed and attached to the top of the thermometer to be used as a protective handle.

    • Spirit Filled Thermometer
    • Case with Pocket Clip
    • Length: 160mm
    • Toughened Bulbs
    • Total Immersion
    • Thermometer Not Replaceable

     Pocket Test Thermometers Plastic Case
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    TOTE - Thermometer

    Pocket Test Thermometer Plastic Case
    Thermco’s precision refrigeration thermometer is encased in a water-tight, shock-proof plastic case and can easily be mounted in a vertical or horizontal orientation. The built-in cylindrical lens allows for an optically widended scale and easy reading.

    • Simple mounting by the use of 2 sturdy holders, which themselves are adjustable, depending on the mounting requirements of the refrigerated installation or freezer (see technical drawings).
    • Position of thermometers may be from vertical to horizontal. (They must not be tilted upside down, however)
    • Shock-proof plastic case with special resistance against acids, alkali and rooms with aggressive air.
    • Total impact protection of the liquid-in-glass thermometer because of compact mounting.
    • Water-tight, thus also usable in open-air installations.
    • Easy reading and optically widened scale because of built-in cylindrical lens . Hard to break even when handled roughly.
    • Acid- and alkali- resident graduation and lettering of scale, which forms and integral part of the glass and is practically indelible.
    • Constantly high accuracy of temperature indication and durability because of aging.
    • Temperature indication is effected without use of further devices or energy sources, which makes the instrument wear resistant.

    CATALOG No. Range Divisions Length Diameter


    -30° to 25°C


    200mm (8")