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    Thermco’s ASTM - Thermometers

    Listed are made in accordance with specifications of the American Society for Testing and Material. Strict manufacturing procedures and quality controls insure full compliance to ASTM E-1. These instruments are made from annealed glass and have been extensively aged for minimal scale error and stability. Many crossover to the IP standard listed alongside the ASTM number. These thermometers were designed for specific testing and can be calibrated to your specific requirements. Many are available in non-mercury configurations and meet ASTM standards for accuracy tolerance and uncertainties and can be used as a primary standard.

    ASTM - Hg Thermometers (Mercury)

    Thermco ASTM Mercury Thermometer
     ASTM - Hg Thermometers
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    ASTM - Non Mercury Thermometers

    *Toluene or other suitable liquid colored red with a permanent dye shall be used as the actuating liquid

     ASTM - Non Mercury Thermometers
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    ASTM - Blue Spirit Thermometers (Non Mercury)

    Thermco ASTM Blue Spirit Thermometer

     ASTM LIKE - Blue Spirit Thermometers
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    ASTM "APPROVED" - Blue Spirit Thermometers
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    ASTM CERTIFIED - Thermometers

    Thermco ASTM Certified Thermometers

    Thermco’s ASTM - Certified Thermometers use ASTM methods in the calibration of these instruments and are outlined in
    ASTM E1 - 14 Standard Specification for ASTM Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers
    ASTM E77 - 14 Standard Test Method for Inspection and Verification of Thermometers
    Traceable Calibration Document Included

    *Toluene or other suitable liquid colored red
    with a permanent dye shall be used as the actuating liquid

     ASTM - Hg Certified Thermometers
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     ASTM - Spirit Certified Thermometers
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    ASTM - Precision Factory Certified Thermometers

    Thermco ASTM Factory Calibrated Thermometers Thermco’s ASTM - Precision Factory Calibrated / Certified Thermometers are calibrated against NlST standards and comes with a calibration document showing corrections to the nearest tenth of a scale division traceable to NIST. These thermometers meet with all prescribed ASTM requirements. Each incorporates the ice point when not on scale (0 or 32°F) as a reference point enabling the user to validate and update the calibration document to insure accurate temperature measurements over the life of the thermometers.

    • Certified at 5 Temperatures with Correction Factors
    • Each Thermometer is Calibrated Against NlST Standards
    • Traceable Calibration Document Included
    • BLUE SPIRIT Range (-38 to 155°C) or (-36 to 311°F)
    • MERCURY Range (-38 to 405°C) or (-36 to 761°F)
    • Felt Lined Protective Case not included... (available here)

     Blue Spirit - Total Immersion - 400mm Length
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     Hg - Total Immersion - 379mm Length
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     Hg - Partial Immersion (104mm)
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    ASTM - Precision Factory Certified Sets

    Thermco ASTM Factory Certified Thermometer Set FEATURES:
    • Each Set Has 9 Certified Thermometers
    • Traceable Calibration Documents Included
    • Sets in Celsius or Fahrenheit
      (-37 to 400°C)(-35 to 760°F)
    • Sets Packed in Protective Case
    • Total & Partial Immersion Sets

     Precision ASTM Sets
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