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    ASTM / API Hydrometers

    Precision ASTM / API Hydrometers

    Thermco’s Petroleum Gold Brand Hydrometers are a superior brand of high precision hydrometers calibrated to the highest standard that exceeds the exacting ASTM standards.
    Made from the finest materials available; the glass is free from imperfections, has the suitable thermal properties for the entire temperature range that would be subjected and resists any reactions from chemical agents.
    Each hydrometer has been calibrated against NIST standards and furnished with a NIST traceable certificate.
    All hydrometers conform to or exceed all specifications set forth in the ASTM “Annual Book of ASTM Standards”, Section 14, Volume 14.03, Designation E 100-05.

     PETROLEUM GOLD - Plain Form
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     PETROLEUM GOLD - Combined Form
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    ASTM - API Hydrometers

     ASTM / API - Plain Form
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     ASTM / API - Combined Form
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    API Hydrometers

     API - Plain Form
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     API - Combined Form
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    ASTM Soil Analysis Hydrometers

     Soil Analysis Hydrometers
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