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    Special Application Hydrometers

    ALCOHOL - Hydrometers

    Dual Scale - Proof and Tralle
    • Proof Scale measures the... Percent Alcohol by Volume Multiplied by 2
    • Tralle Scale Measures the... Percent of Alcohol by Weight in Water
    • Internal Revenue Specification Proof Scales
    • Suitable for Certification
     ALCOHOL - Plain & Combined Form
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     IRS Specification Proof Scales - Plain Form Cal @ 60ºF
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    BALLING - Hydrometers

    • Balling Hydrometers Measure Sugar Content of Beer and Wort
    • Combined Form with Thermometers and Temperature
      Correction Scales in the Body
    • Tolerance is 0.1%
    • Standard Temperature 17.5°C and 14’R
    • Suitable for Certification
     BALLING - Combined Form
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    BRIX - Hydrometers

    • % Sugar In Aqueous Solution
     BRIX - Plain Form Cal @ 20ºC
    no data
     BRIX - Combined Form Cal @ 20ºC
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    LACTOMETER, QUEVENNE - Hydrometers

    • Graduated in Specific Gravity and Degrees Quevenne
    • For Whole or Skim Milk
    • Temperature Standard 60°F/ 60°F
    • Thermometer in Hydrometer Stem - Range 20 to 100’F
    • Suitable for Certification
     LACTOMETER, QUEVENNE - Combined Form
    no data

    PROPYLENE GLYCOL - Hydrometer

    • Graduated in Specific Gravity and Percent by Weight
    • Temperature Standard 60°F/60°F
    • Suitable for Certification
    no data

    SALT BRINE - Hydrometers

    • Salt Brine Hydrometers (Salometers) Measure the Saturation of Salt in an Aqueous Solution
    • Standard Temperature 60’F/60°F
    • Suitable for Certification
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