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    NIST Traceable - Factory Certified
    Glass Thermometers

    NIST Traceable Thermometers
    Thermco’s Certified Thermometers are used in temperature verification and calibration procedures. These instruments can be used to calibrate Liquid-In-Glass, RTD, Thermistors, Thermocouples, and Bi-Metal Thermometers. The certified thermometers are carefully inspected to insure they conform to exact specifications and are certified against NlST standards. Each thermometer is furnished with a document proving traceability and a felt-lined leatherette storage case.

    • NIST Traceable
    • Standards for Calibration and Verification Procedures
    • Calibrated at Specific Temperatures with Correction Factors
    • Traceable Calibration Document Included
    • Thermometer Packed in 27" Felt Lined Protective Case

    17025 Accredited Lab

    NIST-Traceable Thermometer

     NIST Traceable Non-Mercury Thermometers - Spirit
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     NIST Traceable Mercury Thermometers - Hg
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