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    Fridge-tag® 3 Wireless
    Vaccine Temperature
    Data Logger

    Receive Real-time Temperature
    Excursion Alerts via SMS Notifications

    Software-Less PDF Generation of
    Temperature, Alarm Data Plus Graphs

    Fridge-tag® 3 is the ideal Temperature Data Logger for the continuous monitoring of sensitive Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals stored in medical refrigerators & freezers.
    Real-time SMS text messaging notifications of temperature excursion are transmitted wireless by Cellular GSM (Global System for Mobile communication). The Fridge-tag® 3 is not dependent on Wi-Fi and local networks in order to send SMS Text Messages, and even during power outages can send critical Alerts to your Cell Phone. No software needed to generate temperature & alarm data. As soon as the Fridge-Tag® 3 is connected via USB to a PC or Mac it creates a PDF and CSV file. The PDF file provides a daily summary of temperature activity for the latest 56 days PLUS 8 weekly graphs of temperature performance. Temperature readings are recorded every 10 minutes and can be found in a table within the TXT file. Thanks to the electronic signature the raw data can be verified as compliant with FDA regulations 21 CFR Part 11. This means that each month you obtain a report and the assurance that your temperature-sensitive goods are stored in accordance with regulations. The data logger’s external thermometer probe is sealed in a Bio-Safe glycol filled bottle to buffer temperature variations. Meets and exceeds the latest VFC CDC requirements published in the... Guidelines for Storage and Temperature Monitoring of Refrigerated Vaccines

    Bio Safe USB

    Product Manual
    Fridge-tag 3 Installation & Data Plan Instructions

    BERFRIDGETAG3   GSM Wireless Vaccine Temp Data Logger, 2/yr NIST Traceable Certificate, Vial & Probe
    Note: 2 year data plan required for SMS Alerts

    Web/Cat# Links

    Thermco distributors represent the most qualified professionals
    to serve you with expert support and advice.
    Colonial Scientific cat# 22-BEFT-03X
    Henry Schein cat# 1297900
    McKesson cat# 1081156
    VWR cat# 76285-230

    • NIST Traceable with 2 year Certificate
    • Removable Probe
    • True Seal Flat Ribbon Probe Cable
    • Bio-Safe Glycol / Water Probe Medium
    • Current Temperature Display
    • No Software Needed for Reporting or Computer Connection
    • 30 Day Status on Screen
    • Press for 30-Days of Min/Max History
    • PDF report... 56 days of temperature & alarm data
    • High/Low Alarm
    • 43,200 Temperature Observations Monthly
    • Meets FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
    • Accuracy ±1°F (0.5°C)
    • Weekly Graphs
    • 8 graphs – Each with 1 Week of Tempearture Data
      56 Days of Information
    • Date in USA Format
    • Date of Activation
      Give State Health Departments a warning when a device will be out of calibration
    • Battery Level Indicator
      Showing Full, Middle and Low

    External Dimensions (L x W x H) 136 x 98 x 21 mm
    Size of the LCD Display 95 x 27 mm
    Weight 170 g
    Storage Condition (inactive) 0 to +30°C (+32 to + 86°F)
    Operating Temperature Main housing +5°C to +50°C* (+41 to +122°F)
    Display visible -10 to +55°C (+14 to +131°F)"
    Alarm Temperature Range -40 to +50°C in 0.1°C increments (-40 to +122°F)
    Alarm Limits 2 individually programmable alarm limits
    (1 upper and 1 lower alarm limit)
    Warning Limits 2 individually programmable alarm limits
    (1 upper and 1 lower alarm limit)
    Alarm Time 1 Minute to 23h 59min (alarm and/or warnings can be disabled)
    Temperature measurement interval Every minute (Log interval 10 minutes)
    Accuracy of temperature measurement +/- 0.8°C from -40 to -30°C (+/-1.44°F from -40 to -22°F)
    +/- 0.5°C from -30 to +40°C (+/-0.9°F from -22 to +104°F)
    +/- 0.8°C from +40 to +55°C (+/-1.44°F from +104 to +131°F)
    Measurement accuracy of the time Daily time updates (depending on network operator) - if not supported +/- 30 min / year
    Calibration Every device is calibrated / NIST / ILAC traceable
    Memory Space 30 day as a display and 56 days overview in a PDF report
    Date / Time programming Date and time will be set automatically when device is activated (via GSM network)
    Battery Lithium Polymer Li-ion battery
    Complies with IATA DGR Packaging Instruction UN3481 PI 967 section ll
    and is therefore not considered as dangerous good.
    Protection Class IP50 (IP64 without external sensor)
    2D Code on Label GS1 and data matrix
    Operating Lifetime Min. 3 years useful life / at least 72 hours power back up
    Activation Press SET and READ button simultaneously for more than 3 seconds
    Stopping No stop function
    Configuration Pre-set by Berlinger & Co AG or for self configuration via server
    Data Communication Optional: To be pushed on a regular interval to a predefined server
    Alarm Indication Buzzer, SMS or server
    Manipulation Fridge-tag® 3 GSM cannot be manipulated or reset without destroying it.
    Format of the original document ASCII (it can also be imported by many ERP systems) / PDF
    Free software for verifying
    PDF and ASCII Files
    "JAVA™ / The software verifies the digital signature of the ASCII and PDF files.
    FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Software is compliant with GAMP 5 requirements.
    Standards ASTM 2500, 21 CFR Part 11, 21 CFR Part 820, ICH Q8/Q9, ANSI/IEEE 829/830/1008,
    EN 12830, 2002/95 EC Directive (RoHS), EN/IEC 60529 IP protected classes,
    IATA Regulations, EN 301511, EN 301489-1/7, EN 60950-1 + A2:2013, EN 62133, FCC part 15B