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    Accu-Safe Non-Mercury Laboratory Thermometers

    Thermco’s ACCU-SAFE Non-Toxic Thermometers are filled with a biodegradable organic liquid and dye, which eliminates the hazards of mercury in the case of breakage and/or disposal. The safety-coated thermometers protect against breakage and contain the liquid and glass inside the coating for safety and easy disposal. A Certificate of Accuracy is included with each thermometer. Each thermometer is serialized and has blue liquid against a white background for ease of reading.

    ACCU-SAFE Instructions For Use
    ACCU-SAFE Brochure / Specifications

    Accu-Safe Thermometer

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      ACCU-SAFE Safety Coated
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     ACCU-SAFE Fractional Degree
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      ACCU-SAFE 8” Laboratory Thermometers
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    Accu-Safe Non-Mercury Pocket Armour Thermometers

    ACCU-SAFE Instructions For Use ACCU-SAFE Pocket Thermomerters
      ACCU-SAFE Pocket Thermometers
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